About us

ITZ Sports was established in 2015 with the aim of supplying elite sporting equipment to sports people of all ages in Australia. We supply only the most unique and exceptional sporting equipment not found in standard retail outlets. At ITZ, we strive to go above and beyond in locating and supplying the highest quality products for those who want to take their game to that next level.

Currently, our focus is on providing Australians with access to world-class cricket bats and gear shipped from Woodstock in England. All of Woodstock’s bats are made from the finest quality English willow and every bat is hand crafted in the UK.

In the future, we will be expanding to include specialised health and fitness training programs which will be tailored to the individual.

If you have any enquiries or need a quote for any of our products please contact Sam Ainsworth on 0403 522 893 or email us at sam@itzsports.com.au